Mar 27, 2017

Murud-Janjira Fort - PramsPhotography #88

#2017 @Murud-Janjira fort, Maharashtra, India

Clear sky, blue water, sunny day, well surrounded by ocean and an Indian navy boat - having all these together is as rare as it is. We were to take a ferry to reach the Murud-Janjira fort, located near Murud village in Konkan coast line. Couple of clicks are of the sail when its tied and when wide open. Had been to Elephanta caves earlier in a boat in sea and this was the only second time I traveled in a boat in sea and that too for the first time ever to reach a FORT! Until then the forts that I knew or visited were all built on huge mountains. Inside the fort there was a big well, as can also be seen above. Surrounded by ocean, the water of the well was said to be really sweet; I could not taste though! After roaming around the fort it was understood that the fort was built on a island and the fencing of the fort was extended right until the last rock could be seen; hence it feels as if the fort was built in sea! Whatever, this is said to be one of  the ancient forts and felt amazing to walk in there. 

Night fun - PramsPhotography #87

#2016 @Seattle, Washington, USA

Christmas is a beautiful time to roam around in the western countries and my trip to US in last December made it utterly clear to me. Everywhere we went, we saw beautifully decorated tress, show items etc. The umbrellas in the above picture were clicked in front of a shop. Felt awesome to saw so many beautifully decorated once at a place. The other picture is near shopping complex in Seattle. The giant wheel as always attracted me but could not get into it! Enjoyed the night walk in the streets in zero degree weather. 

Sun light and ships - PramsPhotography #86

#2016 @Seattle, Washington, USA

It was around minus five degrees when we stepped out of the hotel to roam around before catching our flight on the day the above photos were clicked. By looks of the photos is unbelievable that they were clicked with hand gloves on. For the first time ever it was such an experience for me to roam around in such a cold weather. We reached the ship yard and that was the first time in our five day stay that we saw sun, that too in hide and seek manner! 

Mar 26, 2017

Movie: Katamarayudu

Pawan Kalyan's 22nd film is one of those successful Fan-Family entertainers. Yet another remake from the Mega Family! This time, I didn't watch the original version before. Experience, you know!

PK's fresh look stood over the monotonous dialogue delivery. Every reel is entertaining except the duets. Costumes in the film are superbly elegant, again expect the ones used for female-lead in the duets! Music is just apt; good job by Anup Rubens. Shruti Hasan looked as pretty, as same, as ever. Nazar's role reminded me of his own role in 'Rama Rama Krishna Krishna'. Interesting and different choreography in the introductory song.

All in all, it's a fun-filled film.

Doing the needful?

Going a little thoughtful this morning!

If 'only' the customer needs were to be designed for, there wouldn't have been a smartphone ever!

If 'only' the needy were to be served by the governments, there wouldn't​ have been the spectacular space exploration stories to tell our next generations!

If 'only' the needful was to be done every time, there wouldn't have been the humongous human possibilities known to our conscience.

Certain things need to be done beyond every need. Vision - intuitive or thoughtful, resilience - in misery and in glory, criticism - constructive and moral, intelligence - intellectual or factual, have been the important entities of human evolution so far. It's our responsibility to do the needful; at the same time we must think, look and act beyond our zone of responsibility by being careful not to cause any trouble.

Mar 22, 2017

Flowers through my lens - PramsPhotography #85

#2017 @Hyderabad, Telangana

Gardening is indeed fun. At the same time, it's an interesting hobby too! Psychological health improves on one front. Also, it's a great physical activity to carryout every day. These clicks, expect the clicks of the flowers on the dais, are from the garden of my dad's brother. The garden is home-made on terrace and is maintained  in an unbelievable manner. It feels so refreshing to just stand amidst the beautiful flowers. 

Mar 19, 2017

Moral... Take Home #630

Our moral towards continuing to work for someone may change with time and based on other related factors, but our moral towards executing the given task at hand at the given moment must never change.

 Image result for moral

Interesting as well ... Take Home #629

What we say, do and show need not just be right but also interesting for everyone involved directly or indirectly. 

Learn and teach... Take Home #628

Image result for flower

Life does not teach. It's we, who must learn from it. Life just happens. 

Is the 'Dream Job' real enough?

As I woke up to the morning sky, on this Sunday morning, everything wasn't as usual. Something stuck me from within and I'm in no time here at my blog to put down what's been going on in my mind for a while! 

Going back in time to the days of my graduation at Bapatla Engineering College, famously known as BEC in engineering students' circle, I used to start the Sunday mornings by standing in que for Ravva Dosa in girls hostel. I tried a few times to be one of those early-birds to walk away with Dosa without needed to be in the queue. Sleep had always been that hurdle to cross. Late Saturday-night's chitchat being the culprit.

No one so far has been successful in figuring out where the girls' chitchat starts and where it ends. Our chitchat wasn't different either. It used to start during the after-dinner wander on Saturday night and would continue until late night, sometimes till the wee hours of Sunday! In all those lengthy discussions, never we shared with each other about our dream job! Dream company used to be mentioned once in a while though, mostly the choice used to be on the salary basis.

While I was in IIT Delhi to pursue masters, I realized that the basis for choosing the dream company by graduation students was not much different from that of what we had back in BEC. Salary. On the contrary, my classmates and friends from post graduation used to mention about a 'core company' being their dream one. Campus placements did not let everyone settle in their dream companies for the obvious reason. Competition. We moved onto our respective jobs post IIT. Some to their dream companies but none to the dream jobs to be blunt.

Dream company need not give us our dream job. Dream job need not be done at our dream company. This is the reality we missed to count on, back in college.

Image result for dream job

Does company matter or job? The former can gives salary. And the later, satisfaction. Salary undeniably is important and the basic need too, only until we have handful enough for acquiring a comfortable living. What about satisfaction? It's important too. But the tricky part is, the necessity of satisfaction is usually understood after we earn enough to have a comfortable living. As the 'comfort' is perceived differently by different persons, everyone realizes the need of satisfaction at different times. Some never realize; exceptions exist as everywhere.

Dream company can give us great salary and dream job can give us great satisfaction; excluding the rarest of the rare case where both exist together. All's well?

Does a dream company really give great salary that we stop thinking about a change-over? Does a dream job really give greatest amount of satisfaction that we do not look here and there searching for something more? A dream company exists in reality; but a dream job, does it exist at all in reality? Is the dream job real enough?

Yes and No.

Dream job is a period reality. It exists until we realize something new about ourselves, about something else that can give us better satisfaction, better sense of doing, and a better sense of being. The journey of self-realization does not end unless we breath the last; hence our perception of a dream job keeps upgrading itself without our conscious intervention. With our conscious intervention it upgrades to a different level altogether and that's a way different topic. As long as the perception exist, the dream job exist. The moment the perception changes, our way of thinking of a dream job changes too! It's a fact that we cannot always pursue our dream jobs, given the socioeconomic conditions we and our families are surrounded by. However, once in a while we definitely keep thinking to pursue it. Some people go ahead and pursue it no matter what. Pursuing it itself gives a great sense of relief and satisfaction; whatever that we gain from it is just a bonus.

We must try to pursue our dream jobs, if not full-time at least we must spend sometime doing them irrespective of the profit-loss statements. Life does not blossom with profit and it does not succumb to loss. Life, just like a dream job, is a period reality. We must give our best shot. 

Mar 7, 2017

Mar 6, 2017

Table land and Mapro garden - PramsPhotography #84

#2015 @Table land and Mapro garden, Mahabaleswar, India

Mapro garden is located on the way to Mahabaleswar from Panchghani. There is a chocolate factory in it and eventually a lot types of chocolates are available over there. Various food outlets are available. Having the refreshments midst the beautiful flowers is undoubtedly a refreshing experience. And table land is a wonderful place to hangout and getting lost. 

Mar 5, 2017

Sugar cane juice - PramsPhotography #83

#2016 @On the way to Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

While we were on our way to Shirdi, we saw a sugar cane vendor on the roadside. Instantly, we stopped our car on the roadside and ordered sugar cane drink. Usually, sugar cane juice vendors use a machine to extract juice. But for the first time, we saw this sugar cane vendor extracting the juice using a cow! The cow powers the sugar cane crushers as it walks around the wooden-made sugar cane juice maker. Did not feel good to drink sugar cane juice which were extracted that way but we had it. 

Two peaks in a click - PramsPhtography #82

#2016 @Narayanpur Balaji Temple, Pune

I'm not a temple goer usually but otherwise with few relatives. We went to the Narayanpur Balaji temple last year in the month of April on a Ugadi festival day. Sun was scorching on our head yet this view I caught on my camera. The peak of the temple, a beautiful man-made one, and the peak of a mountain, further more beautifully made by the mother nature, appear in this one frame! Somehow feel good about this picture. 

The glittering bangles - PramsPhotography #81

#2015 @Hyderabad, Telangana, India

I was not an ornament lover; of course I'm not either. However, certain occasions need to be respected, people's interests need to be respected above our own thoughts. I started wearing the ornaments willingly only from the time of my marriage onward. Out of all that I wore on my marriage, what I liked the most were the bangles. They weren't made of gold but with sand and some colours. The above picture was taken at a cousin's wedding. These bangles were of her of course; we neatly arranged them for a pre-marriage function. Love them and this picture. 

The toy pair - PramsPhotography #80

#2015 @Home, Inkollu, Andhra Pradesh, India

We bought this show piece made of coir at the Mapro Garden, Mahabaleshwar. Mom took this to home and arranged it very neatly, which is her regular style, on a land line phone holder. After the landline phone has been disconnected, the stand remained empty. Now that this toy-pair occupied it, it has got its importance back allover again! 

Mar 4, 2017

The liquid clock - PramsPhotography #79

#2016 @Berlin, Germany

It was around 4:30 pm local time when I clicked this picture and the liquid clock in the photo shows the same. The left most column show the hours and the right most show the minutes. We need to see the number of vessels/rounds that are occupied by the liquid, to know time. I was never aware of something like this existing before seeing this one; absolutely amazed I was for the efforts the designers must have put in to get this into reality. You may google it further to know its operating principle. 

Berlin Memories - PramsPhotography #78

While we were walking towards the Berlin gate from Berlin Cathedral, we saw the beautiful statues made out of marble stone The one above and the last picture of the post are of this kind. I could not unfortunately check about the background of these statues being there! 

In all flight announcements one thing made me emphatic with the engineers was about the usage of Samsung galaxy phone on board. How humiliating it must be for those who designed this phone! Here at Berlin, with the back ground from flight, I was surprised to see the advertisements of Galaxy model!  

Caught a bird on camera at a snacks outlet. Looked as if it was hungry too like us! 

Berlin wall was something that I had read about. Of course, I could not get to see it but got to purchase its remains in the form of small stones from a shop and could also click the above picture of its memoir, probably! 

Such a huge pass through gate is the Berlin gate. I could not realise from pictures online but realized it after passing through the gate personally! Good experience all in all. 

#2016 @Berlin gate and walk nearby, Germany

Berlin Cathedral and Altes museum - PramsPhotography #77

#2016 @Berlin Cathedral and Altes museum

It was on a Sunday that we landed in Berlin. Nonetheless, went to roam around the places. Berlin Cathedral and Altes museum were to two eye catching buildings we saw and we got down from the bus, in which we were actually on our way to Berlin (Brandenburg) gate. The cathedral from a close look appeared as an amazing art work. The paintings of Jesus were lively too! We could not visit the museum as we did not have time as well as it was closed on Sunday! Outside the museum's main entry there was a statue, which is shown in the first picture above! It felt so ferociously attractive on the fight sight itself.  

Fields' side - PramsPhotography #76

While travelling from Pune to Bhimashankar, this particular spot on the left side of the road caught my attention. We got down to see these beautiful views and clicked a few of them. Next time while travelling through the same spot we got down at the same place and to our surprise the place appeared just normal to wonder if it was the same spot or not! Moments later we realized that the neatly arranged fields, as in the below picture, were the real attraction when we visited this place for the first time. Thank those farmers for these beautiful memories. 

#2016 @On the way to Bhimashankar, Maharashtra, India