Mar 29, 2018

Better to be haunted by defeat than by guilt!

Nothing in life always ends with a success. Often we are defeated. Sometimes by our opponents. Sometimes by ourselves. Sometimes by our own people. Sometimes by the situations. Whatever is the reason for our defeat, whoever may have caused it, there is a significant level of satisfaction in gracefully accepting the defeat, as the given moment cannot be anything else than how it is for now.

No doubt that defeats hurt. Some defeats even haunt. What could have been done differently would keep coming to our mind, day in day out. As much as we would like to keep such thoughts away, as much comes around every now and then. When we accept the defeat, getting haunted by a defeat might not weak us emotionally. But if we fail to accept the defeat, it  haunts rigorously, and at times to death!

Whatever is the level of haunting a defeat does, it's always far better to be haunted by a defeat than by guilt. Especially by the guilt of a kind, that has saved us from a defeat, yet from within, in our every breath, we know the foul-play we have been involved in, to win. While winning makes us happy, winning by foul-play cannot. Never it can. It hurts, intensity of which is much more than that of the pleasantness a win can bring to us!

Fair-play or for that matter foul-play is an attitude, nurtured by the culture around. When the play is not taken for granted, fair-play generally precedes the foul-play. However, if the play is taken for granted and if also the culture around is such that one wants to win every time by any means, foul-play takes the lead. As time passes by, it touches more and more players and one day, we may wake up to realize that the spirit of the play is lost once for all. From that day onwards, it could take ages to first clean up the attitudes of players and then to restore the fair-play attitude.

As the Cricket Australia goes through this phase of restoring the lost attitude in few of its players, I wish them all the best to come out well as quick as they can. Its disheartening to see the once dominated team to undergo mishaps. Everything is part of the play, and I hope the play will be restored in its true spirits, very soon. As much the involved-players are responsible, as much is the responsibility of CA in this whole thing. Everyone known nothing has happened in a blink of any eye or on a bad-lighted day! It's been happening in some or the other way since a few years now. There have been enough indications of this coming! What happened has happened and what to come is of prime importance, not just for CA but also for the entire cricket fraternity. Looking forward for the clean-up to happen soon!

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yamini meduri said...

Reading you after so long...!!

It's hurting to witness this phase.... Specially by the team which once ruled the pitch...!!!

KParthasarathi said...

Well written.Every game is governed by some rules.With the sole aim of winning,if the game is subverted by foul play,it is no longer a game.
Not only cheating as has happened recently,anything that goes against the spirit of the game like sledging,gesticulating,swearing or mimicking and such, should be discouraged by instant punishment like Yellow or Red card as in soccer.ICC should ensure that players are made aware that foul play if indulged would surely affect their careers.