Mar 26, 2018

Film: Bhaagamathie

Director: G.Ashok

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For a script which is as brilliant as that of "Bhaagamathie", as brilliant cast and crew as Anushka Shetty, G. Ashok, S. Thaman, Ravinder Reddy, UV creations banner etc are the best suited and justified. No wonder the producers and the director have waited for Anuskha's dates for as long as five years! Mesmerizingly beautiful and power-packed performance given by her in every frame. Portrayal of the title character could only be handled by the genre of Anushka in the current generation of actresses, if I may say so. 

While Anushka's performance as an IAS officer is gracious, her act as a helpless woman stuck in a haunting bungalow is jewel-like. In the end when the twist is unfolded, there comes the scene which is the best of the movie, with absolutely brilliant expressions and portrayal. 

Supporting cast did a fantastic job too,  most of the credit of which is easily taken away by the flamboyant script.

Watch this movie with and without volume and you will relaise the power of the back ground music. Movies like Bhaagamathie need an extra flavour in the back ground, and S. Thaman's back ground score goes far beyond and provides all those necessary flavours, without compromising at any frame. The 'Mandaana' song is a soothing one sung by yet another brilliant performer, Shreya Ghoshal. It's one of those songs that have been sung in a heart-dancing manner, in the recent times. 

The way the whole script is developed and the way the screen play is designed, hatf off to the thought process and the execution; flawless, barring the cinematic liberty used by the director in few here and there scenes. Though I personally did not like the last twist of the movie at the end, it's put in there in an entertaining manner, which lets the audience reminisce some of the crucial scenes on their way back from theatre. 

All in all, it's a brilliant execution by the crew and equally brilliant performance by Anushka Shetty. Incredible. A must watch!

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