Mar 26, 2018

Film: Padmaavat

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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I could not watch this yet another colorfully-fabulous piece from Sanjay Leela Bhansali in theatre. And I thought a movie like this should only be watched in either a theater or in at least a HD print. Awaiting its official release in Amazon prime tomorrow, 27th March. Having said that I must confess I have watched a cracked-version of the movie of late, failing to continue to resist the temptation to watch the movie. Nonetheless, will watch its HD version in Amazon prime with all my senses wide open in a day's time! 

Times that I cannot make it to theater make me think why the movies shall release in theaters only and why not over DTH (Direct to home). Reason being the commercials, I hope the film makers soon find a way out to reach out to the maximum audience through DTH, while making enough money too! 

After going through the never-before criticism for an Indian film before its release, the way the magnum-opus from Bhansali has gained the critical acclaim post its release is commendable and truly inspiring. Post its release, it made everyone realize about the level of 'baseless' rebuking certain films go through. Karni Sena had no option but to put a full-stop to the protests after they themselves watching the movie and also when the global audience welcomed the film with a green-carpet. I cannot praise the cast and crew of the movie for handling the protests in a decent manner, despite of the protests seeing the worst of the sides! No wonder if the leading lady of the film, Deepika Padukone, had wet eyes post the film's release. Truly touching it is. 

I appreciate how some artists go with all hearts to portray certain roles. When I learnt that Ranveer Singh, who played the role of the feroscious Khilji in the film, had locked himself in a room without meeting anyone, talking to anyone for a few days, I relaised what some of the artists give to the art. Its indeed a give-back! His commendable performance as Allauddin Khilji is one of the best of its kind in the recent times not just in Bollywood but in Indian cinema. He deserves all the applauds. It will be too early and unfair to talk about awards in the first quarter of the year. However, Ranveer Singh has stolen a nomination in whichever the category his role will be considered under. 

I think both Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor did not get as many chances to perform, but they indeed got a handful of frames to look beautiful, romantic and well-determined Rajputs. The film is a true tribute to the Rajputs' heroics, of men by not letting the enemy win easily, and by women not letting themselves get surrendered to the enemy given the circumstances and the times they lived in. Jauhar scenes couldn't have been any better, full credit to the direction department. Enough debate has happened about depicting the Jauhar. I appreciate the director's efforts to potray one of the bold decisions taken by a queen in the time she lived in and the other women who followed her without a second thought. History is a great teacher; we can only learn from it. None of us are qualified enough to judge history or the historic decisions taken by the people lived in those times. We do not know what lead what, given the circumstances back then and hence its wise to just know it and learn from it, whatever that can positively impact the human evolution process. 

The film is a must watch for both history and film lovers. More movies like these must be produced in the times to come. Looking forward to watch many more master pieces from the one and only Bhansali.

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KParthasarathi said...

I have seen this movie and liked it.I could see no objectionable part in the movie.