Jun 15, 2018

Consistency that matters - The eleven times champion: Rafael Nadal

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Champions be like the players who perform consistently over the years. Rafael Nadal is one such true champion who has won, as we all know by now, the French Open eleven times in his fourteen outings at the tournament. Not an easy feet but he has made it look so simple over these years. Especially this year, he dominated every opponent like never happened in the recent times. Every player who looked extremely competitive in the earlier match was reduced to a casual-player in the match against Rafa; and that credit entirely goes to the Spaniard. Such was the level of his game, this time round. 

Couple of come backs have moved me the most in the recent times. One is of Roger Federer and the other is of Rafael Nadal. Both of them were in the back seat in terms of their performance at the grand slams for couple of years. Young players took off in their own style. As like anyone else, I too thought that was it for both these players. Unexpectedly, both of them came back stronger; stronger than ever probably. So much to the amusement of  their fans and the entire Tennis fraternity, they have been performing their best, especially Federer. His decision to stay away from the French open didn't surprise me. It was an important decision taken at an important stage of his career, I think. An absolutely bold one too. Hoping to see his come back strong in the coming grass-season. 

Rafael Nadal might participate in the Wimbledon and the US open, the grass and hard court slams respectively. It will be interesting to watch him performing in these two grand slams. He does not seem to have an edge over his contemporaries, as of now. However, looking at the way players often rise in the game, during comebacks, we cannot comment as of now. Its always better to look forward to welcome a positive performance rather than analyzing the chances of winning of any players based on his previous outings. 

I personally will look forward to watch Nadal performing his best and probably winning the remaining two slams of the year. There is going to be huge competition, no doubt on that. Yet, competition is always there. Determination to perform well has prevailed on many occasions! Congratulating Rafa for the eleventh French Open title and wishing him all the best for the rest of the season. 

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