Jun 5, 2018

Ellora caves and the Kailashnath Temple - PramsPhotography #122

#2017 Ellora caves, Maharashtra, India

I read about the Ellora caves in history books in school. History book used to have a picture of one of the sculptures, famously known as 'Ellora Silpam', in Telugu, my mother-tongue. Every time I saw the picture in the text book, I used to wonder how and why the sculptures became so famous, blame the fully blurred image printed in the text book and that too in black and white. When I visited the Ellora caves and as I started clicking the sculptures and the caves, I could not put camera down.  That's when I actually realized the beauty and essence of the caves and sculptures. Every sculpture looks beautiful and has an imbibed meaning in it. The main attraction is the Kailashnath Temple, the monolithic one. It's hard to imagine how from a single mountain stone the complete temple had been made! 

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