Jun 21, 2018

Movie: Bharat Ane Nenu - An ideation workshop?

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Director: Koratala Siva

Trailer was not released for this film. Except few dialogues, the CM's oath and the songs, nothing much about the film had been revealed before its release. However, it was well communicated that the film would be a political drama. A young and handsome chief minister of the combined Andhra Pradesh state was said to be the protagonist. Posters revealed the protagonist's looks and no doubt they were extraordinarily stylish. 

Movie starts on a slow narration and I waited really long to see the narration picking up the pace; rather, there was no much pace as expected. Mahesh Babu's dialogue delivery has become so monotonous that I didn't expect much before watching the film and it proved to be for my good. I watched the movie months later to its release so I had read many reviewed of the viewers, my friends, film critics etc. Everyone boasted the film and the direction. I could barely appreciate either the narration or the story line. It felt as if I attended an ideation-workshop! Only ideas were touched upon and no scenes of their efficient execution had been framed in the entire film. 

One may say that the movie need not be in all practical angles and that we must watch a movie like a movie. That's a right point. After all, its a movie and a fictional story. Nonetheless, because its said to be a political drama, there must have been few things that audience could connect to. Few scenes must have been addressed the reality of political careers of politicians. Political dramas based movie plots must run, for at least few pieces of the story, closer to the lives of people and the politicians. This angle is entirely missing in the movie. Not sure how this became such a big hit, as they say. Well, the times have gone when a movie's fate is decided based on the audience pulse. It's all about the collections now, which means figures, which can be arrived at or manipulated in many ways. Hope people genuinely liked this movie and there was no manipulation required! 

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