Jun 5, 2018

The Kaas Plateau, Valley of flowers - PramsPhotography#120

#2017 @Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra, India

It has been a long pending wish to visit the well-talked-about valley of flowers, knows as the Kaas Plateau, in the western ghats near Satara, Maharashtra, India. We had been there after few days of incessant rain and as anticipated, there was no much flowering. However, I could capture the few scenes in my lens. The best part of the visit to the Kaas Plateau is the realization that there are not as many varieties of flowers there as it's written about! But the flowers that are there are really beautiful. For this time I had to extrapolate the scenery to wider area, since the rain impacted the flowering at most of the places. Next time, I wish to go when there is good amount of flowering so that the valley of flowers can be enjoyed even more and clicked further beautifully!  

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