Jun 15, 2018

The Life That Happens In Mind!

Life happens anyway
One may or mayn't struggle
One may or mayn't conquer
One may or mayn't understand
One may or mayn't perceive
Life happens anyway

Life happens anyway
One may or mayn't love
One may or mayn't give
One may or mayn't enjoy
One may or mayn't rejoice
Life happens anyway

There is a huge difference between life happening anyway and life happening consciously. While in the former case it's not perceived enough, in the later case it's never ignored. Time runs. Time rules. Time sets. Time happens. This anyway happens and keep happening time to time. What we do with time, and within time often decide the way we live our lives. 

The natural process of life happens physically. The life that we think as 'life' often happens in mind. In that life that happens in mind, there is always one protagonist and that is the person himself or herself. Rest of the people, incidents, coincidences, all other creatures, situations and everything else is just there as if to set the surroundings in a certain way. At least, it feels so from within. All of us understand that this happens; few of us realize its happening and very few of us work about it and change the course of the happenings. 

Happiness or sadness, whichever is the felling that is prevailing  in a given moment, that keeps prevailing until either the things settle themselves or until we try and set the things in a desired way. Instead of this, can the joy be felt all the time, just because we are alive in a given moment? Yes, it can absolutely be. But as long as the life happens in mind and as long as we cannot see things the way they are supposed to be seen, joy cannot be felt about the obvious facts of life; rather, the joy is felt only when the life happens the way we want. 

From a third person's perspective...
Seeing things not the way they seem but the way they need to be seen is a life-skill. It's a fundamental skill that each one of us must learn. That can happen when we try to see the life that's happening around in a third person's perspective. When we own the happenings, we get to attach with the happenings. And when we look at them in a third person's perspective, we give ourselves some time and leisure to think peacefully. Naturally, we see a lot of things in a better way and can then put things in a helpful perspective. 

There is everyone too...
As said earlier, in the life that happens in mind there is always one protagonist and that's one himself or herself. When this simple fact is not just understood but realized, its not difficult to understand that there is everyone else too and everyone have their fair share in everything that happens around. It's not just oneself but many people and situations are connected together to let anything happen. When the due respect is given to those who are also involved, we tend to see things very differently. We tend to see things from different perspectives. That solves half of the problems arise due to the life happening in one's mind. 

Destiny, as we call...
It's up to one's belief if destiny to be believed. There are two ways in which it can be believed. One, that destiny is up there and two, destiny is created by oneself. When one believes that destiny is up there, handling the life that happens in mind is a bit simple, rather less harmful since one tends to accept things faster, even though the initial settling time is there. In the second case, when one believes that the destiny is created by oneself, it becomes tricky to handle the life that happens in mind. Because there is no where one can look, not up, not down but just look within. Looking within is the helpful tool in this situation rather than looking at people around or making the situation guilty. Neither of which helps. 

Well, there may be so many ways, personalized ways, to handle the life that happens in mind. One must own and follow the self ways chosen and believed. Generalization might help to an extent but personalized ways help the most to handle the life that happens in mind. 

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