Jun 8, 2018

The Raigad fort - PramsPhotography #127

#2017 @Raigad Fort, Maharashtra, India

After roaming around a lot across Maharashtra and especially after visiting a few forts of the 'Chatrapati' Shivaji Maharaj, I've developed a great liking towards the realm of Shivaji. Raigad fort is a significant fort of the Shivaji times. Coronation happened here and his statue stands tall in the middle of the fort. 

Another attraction at the fort is the rope way, which takes the visitors up and down the hill. I learnt that trekkers do one way trekking and choose the rope way for the rest of the part. We chose to take the rope way both the directions. Its one of the steepest rope ways I've seen so far. Some of  the pictures above may reveal the angle the container travels. Amazing views around and I enjoyed every second of the journey with the lens. 

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