Jun 8, 2018

The unbeated Janjira fort - PramsPhotography #129

#2017 Janjira Fort, Maharashtra, India

Before knowing the history of the fort we casually planned a trip there. Then we just knew that the fort was in the sea. After visiting the fort and after getting to know about the fort's construction, the times of the king who initiated the construction and the fact that the fort had been unbeaten till the  very end, it felt so proud to had visited the Janjira fort. Every bit of the fort's construction displays the intelligence used. Main attraction being the drinking water well right at the center of the fort. I understood that the fort was built on an island and in that island when dig through, in those days they could find drinkable water. Its also said that there would have been something mixed in the well for the water to turn good; there was no proof to it. Well, many a things happened in history have no proofs; so as this!

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