Jun 15, 2018

Visit to beaches of the Arabian ocean - PramsPhotography #133

Harihareshwar is one of the famous beaches on the western coast line of India. There is an old Krishna temple there which we visited on the evening on day 1 of our stay there. By the time we reached, it was sunset time. Its very common in western coast line to see the ocean coming forward and receding. The sunset click is from the scene where ocean came forward in the morning, some water remained after it receded by evening. 

Diveagar beach is known for its flat playful sand on its bank. We reached there while we were on the way to Harihareshwar. We spent may be half an hour there, enjoyed the soft sand, low tide and then I got to click a fisher boat at a distance. 

To reach Harihareshwar, there were two routes. One, to go by road and it would take few hours and a distance of around 70 km on a road in not so good condition. Two, to take ferry to cross the sea which would take 15 minutes and then go to Harihareshwar by road. The distance would reduce by at least 35 km. We took route two. When we were on ferry and crossing the sea, we saw the bird shown in the above picture following our ferry for a long time. It was fun clicking it. 

All the above clicks are from the Nagaon beach, 12 km away from the Alibaug beach. 

On the way from Alibaug to Nagaon beach, there was this lotus pond next to a temple. A few number of pink lotus flowers were there in the pond. Couple of the flowers were clicked; one, a flowers just floating on water as the rest of its portion is immersed in water; second, a lotus bud which was about to open up! 

Kollaba fort is built in the ocean, its half a kilometer away from the bank. When the ocean comes forward in the morning, one must take either the horse cots or a motor boat to reach the fort. 

#2017 Alibaug, Nagaon, Kashid, Diveagar, Harihareshwar beaches, Maharashtra, India

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