Jul 12, 2018

Can we ever fully prepare ourselves for what to come!

A lot of things in life are inevitable, including the life and death. We know certain things happen, anyway. We know farewells happen. We know break-ups happen. We know fights happen. We know unfair happen. We know crime happen. We know good and bad exist. In spite of  knowing all these, we often are taken aback when the situations occur. That's because knowing and realization are two different things. When we know, we know. When we realize, we half-experience. 

Can we ever fully prepare ourselves for what to come?

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We all like to prepare ourselves in a better way for anything to come. We all try as well. We prepare ourselves to an extent too. But we often fail at the face of the incident even though we prepare ourselves. That has become as of its the way of life. Not because of lack of strength or planning. But because of lack of experience at hand. First hand experience is the hard to deal with. Its always difficult rather impossible to be ready for anything to come in life. Reality gets hard at us even though we know it would occur to us some or the other time! 

We cannot fully prepare ourselves for what to come, not at least in a way that we stay untouched by what happened. Nonetheless, we can prepare ourselves in a way that we stay balanced emotionally, at the face of the incident. We can truly prepare ourselves to stand strong against all the odds, even though we may not be fully ready with solutions on the face of it. We can prepare ourselves to have a stronger determination to face anything to come. Doing this is half of the job. Rest of the job to be definitely done at the face of the incident, no matter what. 

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