Jul 6, 2018

How does it matter if anyone likes us or not!

Likability is an important parameter when it comes to societal living. Other than that, likability parameter is virtual and not to be too concerned about. By human nature, we tend to like to be liked. Since childhood its usually told to behave to be liked by ALL. While all cannot like all, all cannot be liked by all too. We need to do what needs to be done. Understanding what needs to be done is the tricky game to play, rather than doing something that's liked by all. 

Image result for likabilityI have read recently in a book that we must all learn to be unpopular. We generally think and do otherwise. We all like to be popular and we tend to do things to be popular. That's when the likability parameter plays its part in our lives heavily, which rejects from inside to be unpopular with a fear that what we do could go wrong! Right and wrong are subjective but are often people are judged based on them. That judgement is the culprit which triggers many of us not to go beyond our perceived likability zone. As a result we end up doing things that are generally perceived to be liked by many people, at least by the people around us. When we learn to be unpopular, we won't be carried away by the 'judgement' of other people rather we go by the judgement of ourselves and do things in the way they need to be executed. Likability zone of us will have grey boundaries in this case and they hardly influence. 

I'm no exception when it comes to get influenced by the likability parameter. Will have to start working towards graying out the boundaries of my likability zone and start learning to be unpopular, once in a while at least! After all, how does it matter to be liked by anyone when what we do is not what we need to do! 

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