Jul 4, 2018

Reader's view: Relationships and Emotion

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Author: Sadhguru

'Bond or Bondage' is the subtitle of the book. Relationship is a bond as well as a bondage, depending upon the situations we co-create with our relative or Friends. We have been binded in the saga of relationships. Considering the fact that human is a social animal, relationships make every sense to exist. They let the human race exist. How we do maintain the relationships  drives the way human race exist. 

In this book, Sadhguru explains the importance of relationships as well as the way they need to be maintained. Human is mortal. Every life is mortal and every life form is mortal too, may be! Human generations have been continuing for a good number of years now but there is no guarantee for the immortality of human race. From the day we born and until the day we die, how we perceive and maintain our relationships define the way one lives or leads his life. Sensibility must be brought into the way we maintain our relationships and at the same time, the relationships must be seen in the best integral way possible. Maintaining personal integrity will automatically let the relationships get maintained well. One must learn about the integrity that must be brought in every aspect of life which will take care of it being there in the matter of treating the relationships as well. More about relationships and some words of wisdom can be read from the book. 

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Author: Sadhguru

'The juice of life' as the subtitle says. Indeed it is. Often, emotion is greatly confused with either being truly sensible towards the given aspect or tears that are generated out of someone's cry. One getting emotional usually means either of this! Part of the story is this, but there are numerous emotions in humans. Controlling emotions is yet another greatly misused phrase of the contemporary world. Emotions are generated and they need not be 'controlled' rather they must be nurtured in such a way that they help in every aspect of living this life and loving people. 

In this book, Sadhguru talks about the nature and value of various emotions humans go through during their journey of life. Understanding a given emotion itself is the best way to nurture that emotions. This not just helps oneself but also aids in letting the other people get understood, which is a great boon in itself when comes to commencing this life in the most useful way possible. When we understand any given emotion, I believe we can genuinely give our best towards that emotion, which will lead to a peaceful life not just for ourselves but also for everyone around us. Respecting every emotion is inevitable once we understand the very purpose of the existence of any given emotion. Once we start respecting a given emotion, we tend to respect people going through it, be it ourselves or someone else. Mutual respect is the key to the success of human race. Read more about the emotions and understand how to respect each emotion from the book. 

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