Jul 5, 2018

Side effects of 'working more than required'!

Everything has its own positives and negatives. So is the case with working; 'working more than required'!
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'Working more than required' itself is a confusing phrase. That can be clearly understood when 'what's required' is understood, which is kept grey occasionally, to keep the enthusiasm of the work-force take charge and define the work for themselves. As long as the required work is achieved, there is no point defining 'what's required' and this the understanding many managers have. It cannot be judged right or wrong as its quite a lot subjective. However, employees will clearly know when they are stepping out of their zone and when not, provided they keep a conscious watch of their contribution towards the bigger goal that's assigned to the team in entirety. When the goal is understood, everyone would typically know what needs to be their part in achieving the goal. Accordingly one sets their own limit. Occasionally the limit needs to be crossed. When the limit is crossed often, that's when one starts working more than required. Reasons to choose to do so could be many but ultimately there are a few side affects associated with it. 

First and foremost - setting the benchmark
Setting benchmark is an important responsibility one must take up and complete in all positive sense. Setting benchmark does not necessarily mean setting it at high level all the time. Rather, setting it at the required level is the most admirable of all. When we set benchmark, we set it not just for others but also for ourselves. Higher benchmark would mean higher expectations not just for others but for ourselves too. Meeting those expectations may not be possible all the time by everyone including ourselves. That's when this becomes a side effect. Rest of the times, it works really well for the team as well as for the organization. 

Challenging to divide the responsibility in team
Working in a team is a lot challenging as well as interesting. Challenging because diving responsibility is always tricky as not all the members are of same genre. Interesting because, it keeps us on our tows all most all of the times. When a person starts working more than required in a team, it somewhere or the other aids as well as disturbs the flow of matters. Some remedies can be worked though. One must make sure that the more work that's being done must be beyond any team member's responsibility so that it would not cross the objectives as well as it aids the team with additional information and standard.

While everything can be handled ideally, practically avoiding certain happenings is better than working around the remedies later on. Working more than required is not a problem as long as its done in a manner that would not impact the objective of the work as well as the people involved. Doing things in right spirit always helps. Its just the matter of taking things in right spirit and work out in an admirable way!

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