Jul 2, 2018

Stress is subjective!

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Be it a corporate job that's at hand, being a housewife, having retired from a government job, attending school or college, or doing farming in a village, irrespective of the nature and outcome of the work that we do, we are all subjected to 'stress' in the current times. Being stressful has become as normal as having bath or taking breath! In a way, not coming under stress or being less stressful in any situation is being seen as one of the greatest traits a person can have! Courtesy M.S.Dhoni, the captain cool as he is called!

Is stress that normal?

No. Absolutely not. It's as simple as that to answer. But beating the stress in reality is an art everyone must practice, yet often fail to succeed fully.  

I believe stress is subjective. Situations do not cause stress; its our inner sense which causes it. This is clear as the same situation can trigger different reactions in different people.  How a reactions can occur due to stress, triggered by a situation, is a lot subjective and person dependent. We can neither blame the situations nor we can blame anyone for the actions stress trigger in us. Its totally personal and largely varies from person to person.

How do we beat the stress?

The best way to beat the stress is by not allowing to win over us in the first place. Rather than fighting it out after becoming stressful, its better to avoid it as much as we can. Avoiding stress is not simple but its not impossible too. We just need to take care of the way we look at happenings. Its basically about the way we derive the conclusions about various situations, which cause our actions. Situations at times do create scenario for us to feel the stress, yet situations cannot beat our actions/reactions in causing the stress. More than situations, its often our own reactions cause a lot of stress. When we learn to put things in perspective, simple ones of course, its easier for us to beat the stress. We must look at the situations one at a time and analyse rather than looking at the situations by putting a few of them together. This reduces confusion and also aids us in analyzing the situations in a better way.

Stress in indeed subjective. It varies from person to person and situation to situation. Its we who can control the whole thing under any circumstance. Better to be aware of this and learn to handle stress in a winnable way! 

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