Jul 3, 2018

The temple view - PramsPhotography #147

#2009 @Narayanpur Balaji Mandir, Pune, India

Nine years back we had been to the Balaji mandir, the replica of the Tirupati balaji temple, located in Narayanpur near Pune. The temple is located amidst the fields and some awesome landscapes with mountains. While returning from the temple, I found a small temple in a near by field and the same was clicked by me. The one shown above is the view I just stated. The main attraction here for me is the green crop on the back side of the temple. A village near by can also be seen in the picture with the mountains backdrop. All these put together made it a great view to watch and capture!

#2016 @Narayanpur Balaji Mandir, Pune, India

The above picture is from the entrance of the Balaji Mandir. The trees are planted in a row and they all have grown up to give a beautiful view on the way to the temple and while coming out. 

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